Friday palenque tour – club weekend 8/22


Roughly 9am – 7pm: Destination pending interests and what’s happening at the palenques that week. Traditional full breakfast on the road and late lunch on the palenque (included in price).

Current Tour Intentions for Friday:

It’s only one month after Dia de Muertos and our Pechuga Box release, so one idea is to go make a pechuga together! We are thinking Don Goyo and his son Rodrigo would be ideal, but we will need to check with the maestros again in October to confirm if this can be coordinated. If it works out, we may also make a stop at Felix Hernandez to drink pulque directly from the plant. At the moment, these are intentions and we cannot guarantee this itinerary, but we have a verbal acknowledgment that this should work out fine. We will do everything we can to pull it off, but again, these process schedules tend to be fluid in nature.

Price is $85 per person - breakfast, lunch, transportation, beer, and sampling mezcal ALL INCLUDED! We encourage you to purchase some mezcal from the producer, as this is their preferred method of compensation for their time rather than tips 🙂 Our team will not accept tips.

Quantity: Don't forget to increase the quantity to reflect how many individuals are in your group!

Floating itinerary - The tour is currently too far out to lock down exact details and producers to visit. Sometimes something pops up that inhibits the proposed tour. Sometimes unique opportunities elsewhere pop up that are very special and unique. Feel free to wait and book this tour once the details become more firm. We will not sell out of tours.

100% payment due upon booking. Email us at if this is not feasible for you.

Cancellation policy: 80% refunds for cancellations two weeks before the trip. 50% refunds thereafter.