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A vacay to Oaxaca that overlaps with other club members

Your trip is entirely independent but you’ll have convenient opportunities to rub shoulders with other agave spirit fans, especially if you stay at our featured Airbnb or boutique hotel. Maguey Melate will coordinate a paid group palenque tour, a few casual meetups for tacos and dinners, and a unique tasting at the featured venue. Club Weekend is perfect for travelers looking to relax on their own flexible agenda while still having the access to easily socialize with fellow club member travelers from all over the states.


Experience the mezcal process and culture to its fullest

Every Club Weekend will be complete with a special group tour to some of our favorite palenque destinations. Some tours will involve hired music, some will involve getting our hands dirty planting agaves or participating in the process, some tours may have you drinking pulque directly from the plant or making a pechuga. All tours will aim to eat a meal at the distillery. What tour we choose will depend on our guests interests and what is available that week.


A place for agave lovers

There are a couple casas selected for a comfortable community style living arrangement. Which venue we choose for a given Club Weekend is based on availability, group size, and special occasions. All of our casas provide private rooms with private bathrooms plus a common area that welcomes community tastings. We prefer venues that are designed with mezcal retreats in mind and respect the rich culture one expects to find in Oaxaca.

Club Weekend

Price: Everything on the itinerary is optional and paid directly by the guest. Rooms typically range from $65-$120 a night and group palenque tours are offered for $130 per person. Private tours are available any day and range between $120-160 per person. Club members are welcome to book hotels individually separate from our featured venue.

Days: 3 days, 4 nights over the weekend, but come as early and stay as late as you please. Your reservation with the airbnb/hotel can be extended as needed in most cases.

General Itinerary: 

Thursday night 9pm – optional drinks and dinner on Puro Buro rooftop, El Destilado rooftop, or the like

Friday all day 9am – 7pm – optional palenque tour all day. Destination pending interests and what’s happening at the palenques that week. Traditional full breakfast on the road and late lunch on the palenque (included in price).

Saturday night 6pm-8pm – optional small fiesta / tasting at Airbnb with club members and Melate friends.
8pm-10pm – optional dinner reservation at nice restaurant
10pm – ?? – Who knows. Mezcalerias? Quiet rooftop night cap?

Sunday afternoon – optional Huayapam day to sit by the lake, sip a michelada, eat a Tlayuda, watch the dogs splash around on this beautiful hidden gem of a landscape. Also possible baseball game if the Guerreros are playing in town! Don’t like baseball? Doesn’t matter, these games are more about the jumbotron and salted grasshoppers.

Other notes: We will provide more details on the itinerary to those registered to come as the club weekend approaches. We will also create whatsapp group to provide updates in Oaxaca and coordinate meetups and restaurant recommendations. We also provide a detailed list of recommendations for ‘this and that’.


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We hope to sip a mezcal with you in Oaxaca soon!