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Maguey Melate


Discover unique artisanal spirits, experience the people, process, and plants behind each bottle, and join a community of agave fans.

Includes: one box every four months with six 100 mL bottles of mezcal, four mezcalero tasting cards, and three virtual taste & chats.

Now only $29/Month

*Billed as $116 every four months*

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Small-Batch Agave Mezcal Straight From The Source

  • Made with 100% Agave
  • Give Back: $1 from each purchase goes towards a SACRED donation
  • Includes information card about the Mezcalero who produced it. You also gain access to monthly Zoom taste & chats.
  • No additives and no fermentation agents
  • Support Small Mezcaleros: each shipment comes from small-batch farms in the heart of Mexico.
  • All Mezcal is 100% exclusive to our community, so you won't find them anywhere else.
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Meet the Mezcaleros

Our mission is to preserve and promote traditional agave spirit production methods, culture, and family-owned palenques. Meet some of the mezcaleros who produce the Mezcal in Maguey Melate shipments.

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How It Works

An Authentic Mezcal


Once you order, your package ships free from Mexico's top Mezcaleros and is delivered directly to your doorstep. No long term commitments. Cancel Anytime.

I’ve been a Maguey Melate member for many months now and I can say it is the best way to learn about the wonderful world of mezcal, except getting on a plane, flying to Oaxaca and going to the palenques yourself. This is a great way to learn about mezcal at a reasonable price. If you are at all interested in this amazing spirit, become a Maguey Melate member.

— Craig T.

THE most outstanding mezcal source operating in the US. Maguey Melate buys direct from mezcaleros. Their subscription service means that 2 bottles of otherwise-unavailable (non-industrial) mezcal show up at your doorstep every two months. Sustainability and fair-trade conscious. I have ten bottles thus far, and haven't regretted one of them yet. Highly recommended

— Joe A.

I have been a member of Maguey Melate Club-Mini for a handful of months now and have so far received two shipments of 5-6 100 mL bottles of fine smokey agave spirits. I love the fact that Maguey Melate participates in the SACRED program and works directly with the Mezcaleros. This is be a great membership to participate in and so far I have been thrilled with their work. Join Today. Seriously!

— Giancarlo B.

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