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The Spirit of Agave Brought To Life

Sip rare agave distillates directly from the families that made them, meet the mezcaleros, and tour the rustic distilleries right from your home.

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Small-Batch Agave Mezcal Straight From The Source

  • Made with 100% Agave
  • Give Back: $1 from each purchase goes towards a SACRED donation
  • Includes information card about the Mezcalero who produced it. You also gain access to monthly Zoom taste & chats.
  • No additives and no fermentation agents
  • Support Small Mezcaleros: each shipment comes from small-batch farms in the heart of Mexico.
  • All Mezcal is 100% exclusive to our community, so you won't find them anywhere else.


Maguey me late (muh-gay may lah-tay) literally translates to “agave makes my heart beat” –  it represents our love for this spirit, tradition, and region.


Our mission is to preserve and promote traditional agave spirit production methods, culture, and family owned palenques in a value-packed way that serves as an opposing force to the faster-cheaper economy.


Maguey Melate is redefining how agaves spirits are learned about and experienced at home. We want to bring the entire palenque to your door and share information in a fun and easy to understand manner.


Mezcalero of the Month Club

$65 per Month


Mezcalero of the Month Club-Mini

$29 per Month


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What people are saying...

We place a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality artisanal mezcal, a top-notch tasting and educational experience, and unparalleled customer service. That's why we're proud to say that we're rated 5-stars on Google and Facebook.

"I’ve been a Maguey Melate member for many months now and I can say it is the best way to learn about the wonderful world of mezcal, except getting on a plane, flying to Oaxaca and going to the palenques yourself. This is a great way to learn about mezcal at a reasonable price. If you are at all interested in this amazing spirit, become a Maguey Melate member."

Craig T.

Maguey Melate Member

"THE most outstanding mezcal source operating in the US. Maguey Melate buys direct from mezcaleros. Their subscription service means that 2 bottles of otherwise-unavailable (non-industrial) mezcal show up at your doorstep every two months. Sustainability and fair-trade conscious. I have ten bottles thus far, and haven't regretted one of them yet. Highly recommended."

Joe A.

Maguey Melate Member

"I have been a member of Maguey Melate Club-Mini for a handful of months now and have so far received two shipments of 5-6 100 mL bottles of fine smokey agave spirits. I love the fact that Maguey Melate participates in the SACRED program and works directly with the Mezcaleros. This is be a great membership to participate in and so far I have been thrilled with their work. Join Today. Seriously!"

Giancarlo B.

Maguey Melate Member

"I'm swooning over this whole mezcal experience from Maguey Melate!"

Amanda A.

Maguey Melate Member

"The Mezcal is sooooo good! I also love the unique packaging — makes me feel like I'm in Mexico!"


Maguey Melate Member

"I am always surprised with each selection I receive. They each have their own character, smokiness, and spice profile. A wonderful way to taste the products you cannot get anywhere else."


Maguey Melate Member

"Maguey Melate offers incredible opportunities for both mezcal enthusiasts as well as for people looking to learn about mezcal for the first time. It's a unique chance to get to try some great spirits that you would otherwise not be able to experience without traveling to Mexico. I have yet to be disappointed in what they have offered."


Maguey Melate Member

"As club members, we are regularly impressed by the quality and variety of Maguey Melate's offerings. Not only are the mezcals uniformly exceptional; the thoughtful, attractive presentation of the products adds to the experience. The in-depth interviews (both video and live) with the distillers and the Club's fun, educational online tastings create a real sense of community."


Maguey Melate Member

"Came for the phenomenal artisan spirits, staying for the education and passion. Besides the fantastic Agave Spirits, this club is remarkable in the education you get from Dalton, the Mezcalaros and the amazing members."


Maguey Melate Member


We support small-batch mezcaleros and palenques.

Featured Mezcaleros & Palenques

We work with Mezcal farms that are family owned and operated by renowned and celebrated mezcaleros.

Sustainable & Ethical Practices

Our Mezcaleros always use sustainable and ethical practices when producing their mezcal. All agaves are grown or purchased locally to produce their truly artisanal spirits.

Our Values

We value Fair-Trade and Supporting Small Businesses, Agave & Social Sustainability, Elevating Consumer Consciousness, Transparency & Collaboration, and Uniqueness & Character

Our Mission: Keep Mezcal Artisanal

Artisanal mezcal is under attack by big businesses who want to sell cheap, unethically sourced Mezcal to consumers who don't know any better. This is destroying the livelihoods of local, small-batch mezcaleros who are keeping the artisanal mezcal spirit alive. We believe if we can educate consumers to appreciate high quality artisanal mezcal, people will show their preference for quality and sustainability, and the traditions behind mezcal will be preserved. We are working to achieve this by offering the richest agave spirits box & experience that has been carefully curated to be fun, intriguing, educational, and value-packed. All while allowing us to reach a large audience with an impactful message: KEEP MEZCAL ARTISANAL!

Mexico's most interesting batches with the stories behind them.

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