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Jóven • Artesanal

Underground, volcanic stone-lined pit oven with mesquite and pine firewood for three days

Wild, ambient yeast in open-air, in-ground, oak-lined wells for two to three days (depending on the season)

100% Maguey Lamparillo (A. Asperrima)
100% Caponed upon reaching maturity, generally at 15 years, and left in ground for 3 to 10 additional months.

By hand with an ax

Twice in a wood-fired copper pot still with an oak wood condenser and a copper coil

Gilberto Roldán.
Produced in Durango, September 2021.
Content: 750 ml bottle at 47% Alc. by vol.
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We’re inspired by the flora and fauna of Mexico’s La Zona del Silencio (The Silent Zone). Our regenerative agave supply comes from our land within this area, which is part of the Mapimí Biosphere. We do our part to protect the biodiversity of this unique region by allowing 20% of our mature agaves to go to seed each year, and also by contributing a portion of our profits to preserving the Bolsón Tortoise (Gopherus flavomarginatus), the critically endangered desert turtle that inhabits this land alongside us. To learn more about La Zona del Silencio, the agaves that grow here, the Bolsón Tortoise, and our unique agave spirits, visit

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