Tequilana Box



375 mL -Tequilana from Emanuel Ramos
100 mL – Tequilana from Rosa Jaramillo
375 mL -Tequilana from Siete Pozos/Refugio
3 – Mezcalero tasting cards
Melate gift bag


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The need for a Tequilana box:

Many of us have used tequila as a starting point to explaining what mezcal is, saying something along the lines of, “Tequila uses one type of agave, Blue Weber (Tequilana), while mezcal can use dozens of different species of agave including Blue Weber”. If you are like me, you often follow this up with a double-sided misconception or at least a hefty generalization like, “But tequila is made in a much more industrial process, while mezcal is made artisanally using underground ovens, open-air fermentation, and relies on the constant judgment of the mezcalero”. This box showcases what tequila would taste like if it were made like artisanal mezcal… which obviously it still is and that’s also the point!

The second intention of this box is to compare and contrast the flavors of Jalisco with the flavors of Oaxaca 650 miles away as well as the flavors of Guanjuato, 300 miles away. All three spirits are made with traditional methods, without the use of machinery. To our knowledge, Miahuatlán is the only town this far south in Mexico to host Tequilana plants due to a 90’s government program to transplant agaves there. The Ramos family is one of the few families that still have offspring from this program as they have carefully cultivated these Tequilanas for about five agave generations now. This made for a rare opportunity to compare the expression from its endemic region from a region that it doesn’t naturally belong in.

The expressions in this box and the stories behind them make for an exceptional experience for the seasoned agave fan as well as a great way to introduce newcomers to mezcal – “So here is what all tequila tasted like 200 years ago when it was entirely made by hand”. Well, maybe not ALL tequilas as the producers in the box certainly aren’t your average maestros!

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