Tepextate – Reina Sanchez


Tribute Mezcalera for Feb-March box

Club members – a 50 mL bottle will arrive in your February club box so you can try before you buy!

We currently have 66 bottles in the US and another 200 or so in Oaxaca so there shouldn’t be any reason you can’t try and then buy. That said, this tepex is up there with Hermogenes. Some parts of the batch we agreed was perhaps even better, while other containers we thought was perhaps just a notch below in that explosive verde flavor.

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The selection:

Wow, there’s a long story behind this batch. Many ins and outs to come in the club taste and chat. Essentially, Reina was going to be our mezcalera of February but ultimately the deal didn’t work out. 

She very much wanted us to feature her Madre Cuixe as she loves that expression while simultanously doesn’t personally like Tepextate and almost refuses to drink it. None the less, we were just too captivated by this Tepex to let is go! It’s a really nice Tepextate from a legendary producer. Great for drinking, but also great to savor in a collection.