Tasting Box III – The Pechuga Box


The Box:
Take a trip all throughout Oaxaca (and a quick stop in Chihuahua) with Melate’s Pechuga Tasting Box experience. Each box contains (11) 50mL samples and a tasting card perfect for up to 4 people to enjoy. There has never been such a Pechuga Box available until now!

Strawberry vanilla arroqueño
Tejate without turkey espadin
Tejate with turkey espadin
Chocolate espadin 1.5 still
Coffee espadin 1.5 still
Tropical fruit espadin
Seasonal valley fruit espadin
Honey filled turkey espadin
Chicken anise lechuguilla
Sweet lime papalometl
Apple & sugarcane espadin

Mezcalero Interviews, Photos, and More:
Through the Mezcaleropedia’s interactive map, visit most palenques and meet the producers. This is a great way to visit Oaxaca remotely or to research which producer you want to visit on your next Oax trip!

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25+ ingredients / 11 pechuga expressions / 9 pueblos / 6 recipes with meat / 5 vegetarian recipes / 4 agave species / 3 still types / 2 different meats /

 1 Pechuga Tasting Box

This box is perfect for enthusiasts who love to discover new flavors and meticulously distinguish the tasting notes between each expression or for beginners who just want to sample a wide range of flavors. 4 people can pour 0.42 oz copitas each which is perfect for taking a few solid sips, without becoming too exhausted after trying all 11 expressions in one sitting. For those that really want to go back and forth and have follow-up sips to further evaluate, we’d recommend splitting the box among 2 people.

Pechuga Intro:

Pechuga, meaning breast, is a mezcal spirit variation traditionally reserved for life’s celebrations. A pechuga is made by adding ingredients into the distillation pot or hanging the ingredients inside the still on the second or third distillation. Commonly, ingredients poured into the pot include fruit, nuts, and beans, which provide strong aroma notes. Often, some kind of meat is typically hung from the still in which the meat’s hot fatty oils melt and drip down into the liquid, adding texture and flavor.

The Tradition:

Some believe pechugas evolved out of the tradition of gifting a chicken, only now in liquid form, symbolizing wealth and generosity. Commonly, pechugas are associated with Día de los Muertos and provide an offering or spiritual connection to the deceased. While pechugas continue to grow in popularity and are made more and more for export, it is important these spiritual sentiments are not lost and that pechugas continue to be savored for life’s special occasions. For these reasons, Melate limits pechuga club features to November, the same time pechugas become widely available in Oaxaca and just in time for the holidays as intended.  

The Spirits and Flights:

Divided into three flights, we selected pechugas intended to capture a wide range of ingredients, process techniques, and different agaves while simultaneously offering a few side-by-side comparisons with only one ingredient/variable altered. Try an expression with meat and without meat. Try nearly the same recipe, but using ingredients from two different regions or two different meats or two different agave bases. These expressions have a range in cost per liter that parallels the range of flavors, some priced at more than $80 off the still making them reserved exclusively for the Oaxaca tourists until now. These spirits have two things in common: They are all 100% organic and artisanally made and all but one expression have never made their way to a US shelf.

Experience eleven exclusive agave spirits without having to commit to a full bottle.

Tasting boxes are the most economical way to sample artisanal agave spirits AND they come complete with a comprehensive experience.

If you are thrilled with a given expression, order the 375 mL bottle if/when available.

We hope to see you in the next virtual tasting!

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