MezcalerA Box


Melate’s most popular box to date, featuring three outstanding female producers with three highly rated expressions, complete with: videos, interviews, 3 collectors cards, reviews, and more.

375 mL – Arroqueño – Rosario
50 mL – Tepextate – Reina
375 mL – Espadín – Lidia

3 interviews consisting of over 20 videos
3 collectors cards
branded club box, social media content, reviews, and more

**Note: This is for one single box and is NOT a subscription 🙂 **

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What is MezcalerA Box? This Mezcalero(a) of the Month Club edition featured 3 different women, from 3 different towns, distilling in 3 different types of pots, and each woman is a different generation producer within their family. February is represented by 5th generation Lidia Hernàndez Hernàndez with our very first Espadin. At only 30 years old, Lidia, who left her law career behind, is now the head of the palenque. Sadly, this batch of Espadìn would be the last batch started by her recently late father, Juan Hernández Méndez, and serves as a tribute to his memory. March is represented by 1st generation mezcalera Rosario Àngeles Vàsquez who distilled her second-ever Arroqueño batch in her new clay pots. Melate brokered the purchase of these Arroqueños from one of the club’s most popular features, Semei Garcìa Ramos, who featured his Arroqueño in May of 2019. Rosario went to school to become an English teacher, but ultimately decided she liked being out in nature more than grading papers, so she took her savings from working in California and built a palenque right before the pandemic hit. To balance the younger mezcaleras, we made the legendary producer Reina Sanchez our tribute mezcalera with her 18-year-old Tepextate distilled only one time in a Refrescadora. We saw this as somewhat symbolic of a passing of a torch to the younger generation of female producers that are slowly starting to emerge. It was all about MezcalerA Box. So, get MezcalerA Box now.

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