MezcalerA Box II


Melate’s annual popular mezcalera box, featuring three outstanding woman producers with three highly rated expressions, complete with videos, interviews, 2 collectors cards, reviews, and more.

375 mL – Madre Cuixe – Adela
375 mL – Tobalá Apples – Alicia
100 mL – Tepextate – Adela

2 interviews consisting of over 20 videos
2 collectors cards
Branded club box, social media content, reviews, and more

**Note: This is for one single box and is NOT a subscription 🙂 **

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About this box and the people behind these spirits

What is the MezcalerA Box? This February-March 2022 Mezcalero(a) of the Month Club edition features 3 different women, representing 3 different generations of maestras, produced in Oaxaca and Puebla.

The February feature is represented by Adela del Carmen Cruz with her Madre Cuixe (2 different batches used, some bottles are 55% and some are 48% packaged randomly). Adela started asking questions about mezcal when she was just 5 years old, but being an only child prevented her from engaging in the process until she turned 11 and her parents had a second child. She remembers that many of her father’s friends told him to not teach her about mezcal. “She should be in the kitchen making tortillas, ” they would tell him. But she was relentless and at 11 she was already actively participating in mezcal production, distilling her first batches. Now she has more than ten years of experience and is happy to consider herself a maestra. A 100 mL bottle of her outstanding Tepextate is also included.

The March feature is represented by María Alicia Alva Sánchez and her daughter, Aracely, our first-ever mother-daughter duo. Alicia is the daughter of legendary producer Don Fede and she is the only sibling in the family to learn about Don Fede's apple Tobala recipe which allows for a sweet finish during the Tobala offseason. Alicia was never promoted to maestra mezcalera but learned how to make mezcal since she was in elementary school. Don Fede would tell her, “I wish you were a man so you could make mezcal and continue with the family craft.” Well, Don Fede’s dying wish last year was that she inherited his only still and regardless of being a woman, she should carry on with the family tradition as she always wanted to. 

So why a Mezcalera box every year?

Sourcing a mezcalerA box certainly takes added effort and significantly shrinks our pool of options to evaluate. One might estimate that for every 50 to 100 male producers, there is only one woman producer. Yet, this annual mezcalera box means 1 in 6 of our club features are women and that’s a huge misalignment. So why do we do that?

Just as we lean towards supporting producers that grow their own agave and practice certain processes, we hope this demand will signal to these towns that women who learn to make quality mezcal can be just as successful and independent as their male counterparts. We are only one company, but collectively, if more brands support these mezcaleras, young women in those communities will receive the message that there is an opportunity for them here as well.

So long as the quality is on par with our mezcalero club features and club members continue to demand this practice, we’ll continue to go out of our way to spread this message year after year, every February-March box.

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