Ensamble Collection 375ml – Luis Velasco


The April 2023 Club release is a symphony of agaves. In each batch there could be as many as 10 agaves present, including Lineño, Brocha, Motosierra, Ixtero Blanco, Ixtero Amarillo, Cuaquisoca, etc. All under the majestic shadow of the Colima volcano that showers the region with ash every once in a while.

Luis Velasco is not a maestro mezcalero, but a collector that during 40 years has been exploring and acquiring what the agaves present in the South of Jalisco had to give. We were extremely fortunate for him to sell us 4 lots of his collection. They all are tremendously different and were created slowly using mezcales from different towns and different agaves. Each batch has evolved over the 40 years as mezcal is consumed and put back in. All have rested in glass and do not ever exceed 100 liters per mixture.

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