Mezcalero of the Month Club: June-July Box



375 mL – Sacatoro from Israel
50 mL – Coyote from Ramos
375 mL – Tequilana from Ramos
2 – Mezcalero tasting cards
1 – Online ‘taste & chat’ with the founders and importers of Rayo Seco

**Experience the mezcal of the month club from Maguey Melate WITHOUT having to signup for the subscription. Follow along in social media @magueymelate for the next two months to learn all about these producers, agaves, and processes.**


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Sneak a peek into this endemic Sacatoro and see what artisanal Tequila from Oaxaca tastes like…

Take a trip to Temalac Guerrero, meet the master mezcalero Israel Petronilo Apolinar, and experience firsthand why the founders at Rayo Seco opted to feature this in their first US offerings. This will be an exclusive sneak peek into the brand’s June 2021 debut of the unique endemic Sacatoro plant that gives this expression a true sense of place.

Then head southeast to Miahuatlan to meet the well-known duo, Victor and Emanuel Ramos. Unlike most towns in the Oaxaca valley, Miahuatlan received several 1000 Blue Weber plants from the government 30 years ago imported from the Tequila regions in Jalisco (assumingly). Victor was one of those recipients. In a sense, you will be drinking Tequila that’s made in Oaxaca and made in the most traditional and artisanal Oaxacan way. Feel free to compare this work of art to a tequila bottle lying around the house!

..and to finish things off, we included a delicious 50 mL sample of Coyote. This Coyote provides an opportunity to contrast two expressions from the same town, same producer, and the same process, showcasing how much the agave alone will affect the flavor. We picked this expression from over 15 or so batches in their tasting room.

Sacatoro – Israel (48.0%)

Tequilana – Ramos (48.8%)

Coyote – Ramos (49.4%)