Tepextate 375 mL – Isaac & Marta


Distilled By: Marta and Isaac García

Alcohol By Volume: 45.7%

Origin City: San Lorenzo Albarradas

Agave Maturity: 20 years

Cooked in Earth Oven: 5 days

Grinding Method: Tahona

Water Source: Local natural spring water

Fermentation Vat: Pinewood tubs

Fermentation Duration: 8 days

Distillation Still: Traditional copper

Number of Distillations: 2

Date of Distillation: April 18, 2018

Liters Produced: 218

Batch Number: 1

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100% Tepextate, no chemicals, no fertilization agents, no post distillation water added. True artisanal agave spirit.

Isaac and Marta are first generation mezcaleros that have been producing delicious spirits for locals for over 30 years. They operate their palenque as a true partnership and team. 

Note on backorders: Backorders can take anywhere from a few weeks up to two months. Please contact info@magueymelate.com for updated timeline.

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375 mL

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Single Copper Still