Heritage Mezcal Puntas Box


The ultimate puntas box featuring lamparillo puntas, corn “white dog” puntas and sotol puntas. Three different ways to taste the most decadent and expressive spirits of Mexico.

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Sotol *Puntas

Cármelo Vásquez, from Nombre de Dios, Durango; is the producer that made me reconsider sotol as a whole.

I had never before sipped something as clean, anchored in what I understood to be the sotol blueprint, but capable of expressing flavors that I didn’t know belonged to the dasylirion range until then. 

That was the motivation behind commissioning these sotol puntas. For Carmelo’s palate, the highest ABV in which sotol still works is in the high 40’s, which contradicts my normal approach of not calling an expression “puntas” if it doesn’t cross the 60% barrier. Yet, I was happy to feature it because it is both delicious and the highest ABV sotol I’ve ever encountered. 

Chúpele pichón!

Lamparillo Puntas

I think choosing this expression is self-explanatory. Lamparillo was hands down my favorite agave of 2023. Since then I have been tasting, with delight, every iteration that Sergio Garnier, master chief at Ultramundo, has crafted while perfecting the recipe.  

When he told me that if I was patient enough there was a chance that he could withhold enough puntas to do a special release. I couldn’t help but to break the bank and go for it. 

I have to admit that I saved a few liters of this for when something big happens in my life. Maybe I win an Oscar, maybe I finally decide to marry a woman (unlikely); rest assured I’ll be cheering with these puntas. 


Corn Puntas

The first time I tried unaged whiskey I was in Osaka. Full of ramen and convinced that “Boredoms” was my all-encompassing soundtrack, I stormed into a liquor store to find a bottle labeled “white dog”. This has probably been the only time I’ve found relevant pleasure in the “Japanese Whiskey” realm (my bad). 

For years I thought that such a memory was most likely a dream and not an actual piece of my life. Until I met Tomás Nava and he fed me these heirloom-corn white dog puntas. After drinking this I am convinced that most of the new Mexican corn whiskeys should be kept clear and sharp.