7 Agave Ensamble 375 mL – Artemio Garcia Cruz



Mezcalero:Artemio Garcia Cruz

Mezcalero card included

Maguey:Cuishe, Espadin, Jabali, Madrecuishe, Pulquero, Tepeztate, Tobala
Agave:Angustifolia, Convallis, Karwinskii, Marmorata, Potatorum
Town:San Dionisio Ocotepec
Batch size:Lot ART-ENS-001: 410 liters
Distillation Date:November 2020


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Agave Ensamble, Selected purely based on quality. Balanced and complex, see if you can pick out the 7 agaves.

Meet the Maestro of May 2021: Artemio Garcia Cruz a.k.a. Temo. Just 10 minutes further from Matatlan’s mainstrip on Highway 190 sit multiple palenques belonging to the Garcia Cruz legacy, including Artemio’s bustling place of work. Under one roof, in a space not much larger than an average living room, there’s often a horse crushing cooked agave, smoke from the still’s fire fighting to escape the roof line, the thick invisible smells of 6 day old fermented bagazo filling the air, and half a dozen people orchestrating a carefully rehearsed dance around the compact palanque. Always actively participating in the most laborious of the work is 2nd generation maestro Artemio. With a smile that radiates positive energy (and also makes you want to drink more of his hand crafted spirits), Artemio is honest, principled, easy to trust, likeable, a family man, and a bit serious but extremely light hearted and easy going.  He works with his sons and his dad, Margarito, on the palenque, making it a tri-generational operation, so long as Margarito isn’t helping out one of his other mezcalero offspring. The women of the family, including Artemio’s wife and mom, are just as active and crucial to the functionality of the overall palenque, which truly operates as a unit. Follow along this month to learn what makes Artemio’s spirits standout, his ensamble do’s and don’ts, why fermentation can’t be followed like a recipe step, and some of the history behind this family transitioning from clay pot to copper pot distillation.


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375 mL

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Clay pot