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Currently we are shipping to all 50 states except MA. Our shipping policies are subject to change at any time.  If your shipment doesn’t arrive from our partner retailer, we will reimburse you 100% no questions asked.

Shipping:  FREE

Standard ground shipping will be used for all shipments. The recipient must physically provide ID. After 3 delivery attempts, the customer must pay to re-ship or change addresses mid-route. An email will be sent one week before the shipment to check for address changes or out of town situations. PLEASE see our terms and conditions for complete details!

Must Be 21 To Purchase

Buyers must be 21 years of age to purchase this product and MUST present a valid ID not expired to shipping carrier upon delivery.

Returns and Damaged Items

If a bottle is broken, we will replace it or offer a refund. Please take photos of the damaged product immediately before opening further, email us at,  and we will take great care of you! Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns due to complicated laws regarding shipping, state taxes,  and restocking alcohol. If something is not satisfactory, contact us and we will find a fair resolution.

Continued Product Development

Please note that as a startup we are continually working to improve our product and service in various ways. Various details of the box design, labels, and supportive content is subject to change and may not always match the photos contained within the sales page.

Product Sold By Mezcalero Club LLC

Please note that this product is sold by our exclusive retailer, Mezcalero Club LLC. Your checkout details and payment receipt / credit card bill may note this.
Can you tell me more about the spirits?

This Club is designed to take you through a wide range of agave species and process variations. From wild mountainous agaves to dry valley agaves, 1.5 single copper pot distillations to clay pot double distillations, we carefully curated an agave spirit line up to take your taste buds and agave-IQ through a comprehensive journey. The only thing these spirits have in common is that they are 100% artisanal, organic, cooked in traditional earth oven pits, and you won’t find 95% of them on any US shelf.

These unaged (joven) sipping spirits range from 42-51% alcohol by volume. Each ABV is written by hand as every single bottle is unique depending on where in the lineup it came off the still. Moreover, each batch is fermented naturally by whatever particles were in the air that day, meaning every batch (represented on your bottle by the ‘lote number’) will have a slightly unique flavor from the last, making your experience all the more special and personal.

Is there any long term commitment?

No! There is no long term commitment like you see in most clubs.

You will receive your shipment and have until the 20th of the same month (even months) to cancel your next shipment at absolutely no cancellation fee.

After the 20th, (often we allow 3 days leeway), we do not offer cancellations with full refunds. You are stuck with the box or you can contact us for a partial refund.

We want to make this as friendly as possible and are confident that the quality of our spirits will keep you around but we also need to coordinate inventory and sales of a limited edition product.

Can I pause my subscription and restart?

No. Sorry, you can not pause your subscription. 

We have a fixed amount of spots available each batch, so it has to be one member out, one member in.

You can join the club again anytime, as long as there are spots open in the club.

Will you feature mezcaleros more than once or from other products?

We will not feature mezcaleros twice in the same year. If a talented mezcalero is in high demand, we may feature him again with a different varietal after 12 months.

If we feature a mezcalero from our Signature Box or other product line, we will feature a unique agave varietal not in the other product lines.

Can you tell me more about the media content?

Each month we will dedicate our facebook page to that mezcalero and agave spirit as well as send out a monthly email. Maguey Melate will showcase the palenque, mezcalero, agaves, and any interesting process insights specific to that small-batch. You will never stop learning.

Comment and discuss with your peers directly on this community page. After all, this tradition has been a social one for centuries and we want to celebrate that as publicly as possible. For members that really want to dive deep into spirited discussions, join our members-only group!

Can I change the address for my next shipment?

Yes, you can change your address as long as it’s 2 working days before the scheduled shipment (usually the first of even months unless the first lands on a weekend).

Once your shipment is en route, it can be re-routed to a customer care center for free. 

Once your shipment is en route, vacation holds and re-routing to a new address or certain hold locations will nearly always require an $18 fee by UPS. If we or UPS hold fault in any way for the change of address, we will pay this fee.

Can I get my package sooner or more frequently?

If you signed up right after a shipment and don’t want to wait nearly two months to get your first package, there are one-off boxes for sale. As a new club member, you will receive free shipping on this one-off box. See our store to see what edition boxes are available.

We cannot ship more frequently at this time. One mezcalero per month.

You can increase your subscription quantity so that you receive multiple boxes of the same edition each shipment.

If I really like a bottle, can I reorder it?

We want to have individual bottles available for individual orders. We will do our best to keep a stock of all bottles, but we can’t guarantee it will always be available.